Memory Keepers Foundation has helped Oakwood Creative Care in the following ways:

-Provided Pies for there Thanksgiving Celebration-

-Provided money to buy Santa gifts and food for Holiday Celebration-

-Provided three monetary scholarships for families-

-Adult Day Care usually runs around $600-$800/month-

Clarice’s Story

Clarice was our first scholarship recipient, she lived with her daughter, Raphela who was her fulltime caregiver. However, Raphela also had a full time job and did not know how she was going to take care of her loved one and work. Oakwood referred her to us and she was able to work and feel good about her mother being left in a fun loving place. Clarice had a  nickname “Aretha Franklin” because she could sing just like her and she did very often. I was lucky enough to hear her sing at Oakwood before she passed away.

Dave’s Story

Our most recent recipient, Dave, is only in his early 50’s and has been diagnosed with this early on set of Dementia. He had to quit his job and him and his wife had to move in with the in-laws so that his wife could keep working. The in-laws are great help but, if you have ever taken care of one of these type of patients, you know the caregiver needs a bit of a break. Dave loves being at Oakwood and participates in all the activities. His wife is so happy that he is in a loving/caring place so that she can go to work in peace.

Martha’s Story

Martha was our second scholarship recipient, she lived with her husband, Elliott. He loved taking care of his loving wife but also felt like he needed a few hours to be able to take care of there personal stuff. He also was not sure how he was going to get some help for his wife and feel comfortable about where/who was taking care of her. Elliott is so appreciative of our scholarship and still uses it for Martha.